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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner?

Nope! We welcome anyone and everyone. Come alone, with your family and friends, or with a partner.

We encourage folks to dance with many different people during the evening.

Are beginners welcome?

Absolutely! There is a beginner's workshop to teach the basic moves starting a half-hour before the dance. We recommend attending the beginner's workshop to get the hang of it. The first dances of the evening are the simplest, and our welcoming group of more experienced dancers will be sure to help you along the way! If an evening is labeled "advanced", beginners will find it too complicated to enjoy.

What is the best clothing to wear?

Light-weight clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended. Dress in layers and think summer. High heels are not recommended. Remember, our dances are high energy and can be fast-paced; wear clothes that you are comfortable in and ultimately, that you can MOVE in. 

Are children welcome?

Yes, certainly!  We welcome school-aged children and older who participate in the dancing.  If your children are too young to dance, two or more adults could provide childcare downstairs, while others dance. Our "Just for Fun" and beginner's classes are a great way to spend active quality time with your family. Our new pricing policy is family friendly.

What is an advanced dance?

It's for dancers who dance with ease in time to the music, know all the basic figures (including heys, contra corners, grand square, etc.) and formations, and easily position and orient themselves while moving from one figure to the next. If you don't always know which direction to face or have to hurry to catch up, you will find these dances too difficult to be enjoyable. Children over the age of eight who are skilled and experienced dancers are welcome, but those who usually require adult guidance will find these dances too difficult. There will be only one walkthrough for each dance. Figures will NOT be taught. There is no skills workshop before the dance.

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