About Us

We are a non-profit in Kalamazoo, Michigan, passionate about preserving the joy and excitment of the contra, square, and English dance traditions. We provide beginners instruction, live music, and we welcome everyone!

Please take a moment to browse our website and learn more about the dances and our organization.

Jan Symons, President
Sherry Opalka, Vice President
Mike Clark, Treasurer
Laurie Pietravalle, Secretary
Carol Steiner
Becky  Lawson
George Broomell

The first time Carol went to a contra dance, she went with her husband (he didn't really want to go). They grinned and sweated and they left at the break because they were exhausted! They've been coming back ever since. Now their son dances, too. 

The first time Sherry B went to a contra dance she went by herself and didn't know anybody in the room. She made mistakes, but people helped her out and she had a great deal of fun and left the dance happy and tired and thinking to herself, "where has this been all my life?" She's been hooked ever since. She especially loves  the live music and how warm and friendly and
multigenerational the dance community is.